The Lifted Brow is a quarterly attack journal from Australia and the world for which I have been involved in updating the layout of the print magazine and also the design of
The Lifted Brow Digital Editions.

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Fabrik is a modular futuristic fraktur font suitable for display at large sizes. Inspired both by classic German Fraktur fonts and the grid-based type design of Wim Crouwel. The typeface itself is composed using only three angles, two elements and fits into a pre-defined grid structure. The font includes the full range of Standard Latin Glyphs along with an extensive range of ligatures.

I received commendation for this typeface from Old School, the New School for Design and Typography, Melbourne and was featured in the second edition of German Typography Annual Typoversity, 2013.

Typeface is available as .otf on request.

The Belly of the Beast is a publication designed to serve as a bold manifesto for the socially progressive ideals of Old School, New School, an independent design school in Melbourne, Australia. It discusses the significance of the designer as an agent of social change and examines how integral it is to promote positive attitudes towards community, sustainability and bringing humanity back into visual communication. I was involved in this project as a designer, editor and as the author of two essays that were accepted into the final print.

Visit the Old School, New School website for more information

Inked In is Australia's first independent tattoo magazine. I designed this magazine while studying at Swinburne University as a gender-neutral magazine which focused on independent artists working in the Melbourne area and their customers. Pictured above is the first issue which was centred around Stick and Poke artists.

Visible Ink is an anthology created each year by RMIT University's Publishing and Editing students and I was asked to design the 2014 edition entitled Encounters. In an attempt to communicate this theme graphically, I created a shifting dynamic through the title pages using symbols representing themes encountered within the stories.

Visit the Visible Ink website for more information

The Making of Us: Rusden Drama, Media and Dance by Judith Buckrich explores the history of Melbourne creative teaching college Rusden from its founding in 1966 to closure in 2002. I was involved in design, layout and print management of the book which included retouching a large amount of images from various personal archives.

Perfect bound / Digital print / 194 pages /
1 colour (black) with CMYK accent pages.

AID is a concept for an app designed to promote sustainable fishing on the great barrier reef. It provides information regarding laws, zoning, catch size and species regulation in an immediate and personalised system.

Lucy and the Moving Moon is a children's book I wrote as a part of my Publication Design unit at Swinburne University. The story follows the relationship between a child and their environment. Having never left the city, the child believes the street light they can see out their window is the moon. When their friend Lucy, a spider, tells them that the moon isn't always in the same place, the child becomes enraged and murders the spider. My intention was to present the constructed nature of city-life through the eyes of a child and their relationship with a creature which is seen as a foreigner within that environment.

Lucy and the Moving Moon is available through Old School Press

Along with my larger projects, I also spend some time creating album artwork for various Melbourne musicians.